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"Investment In Business Means Job Creation"

Innovation Capital

This is the era for a declaration of STEMDEPENDENCE and  THE CENTERS FOR INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING & ENTREPRENEURSHIP are boldly advocating this focus.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics are not simply subject areas found in classrooms, S.T.E.M. education and careers are at the core our existence and lifestyles. From healthcare to automotive innovation and most everything in between, S.T.E.M. power is an acronym that must become a part of every educational and business entities vernacular.      

Economic growth in the 21st century will be driven by our nation's ability to both generate ideas and translate them into innovative products and services. Improving high school graduation rates and ensuring that all students are ready for college and the workforce is vital to states' ability to compete in the global economy. State leaders increasingly view science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) achievement as a critical component of success in college, career and life.


STEM education for all students is linked to our nation's future prosperity, but we are failing to prepare students with the basic building blocks they need to be successful in postsecondary and workforce pathways. In addition, minority, rural and underserved communities face particular challenges when attempting to gain access to the critical people and resources needed to encourage and promote involvement with the STEM economy.

Governors & lawmakers can elevate the urgency and build the political will to advance STEM education and use budgetary and policy levers to make meaningful changes across education systems. The private sector can indeed partner with nonprofits and school districts in order to advance the vision for comprehensive learning that can inspire, educate and yes make learning fun!


CORE STEM INNOVATIONS speaks the language of the 21st century mind by creating strategic alliances with educational institutions and governmental agencies and private companies doing business in our strategic inititative group areas in order to enhance STEM exposure.


Our CORE Venture Capital Fund stands ready to align with and commit to projects that incorporate the maximum benefits to the local, state or gloal economy allowing a continuous and sustainable plan for economic growth and community development.

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