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Our Strategy Groups

Government Strategy & Policy

LSG's market-leading presence in key political capitals around the world, our network of government relations specialists understand how to approach and influence the actions of executive bodies and multilateral institutions.

Our government relations and public affairs teams around the globe regularly collaborate to generate better intelligence, develop smarter strategies and advocate bottom-line results for clients operating globally.

Public Relations & Media

LSG's Public Relations and Media team work fluidly to build realtionships, establish effective communication and create optimum levels of engagement for our clients.  Moving an institution, organization, city, state or local government along a pathway of success always requires strategic and  analytical planning which is an expected and anticipated aspect of doing business.  Recognizing, knowing and developing our clients brand is a fundamental part of the LSG management philosophy.   

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Venture Capital & Innovation 

LSG understands the importance of innovation in relation to building wealth.  One of the many challenges faced by client partners has been securing seed funding and second round capital to bring their creative concepts to life.  The Core Innovations Angel Fund is designed to target specific public, private and non-profit opportunities that will collectively propel client partners into the next phase of their economic development.

LSG has developed a division specifically focused on working synergistically together with other company divisions to address the challenges around Operational Excellence in all areas of practice.  Our leaders are encouraged to bring the theories, concepts and processes of lean management to each and every client enabling a full evaluation and implementation of focused initiatives that reduce waste and improve revenue.  All divisions are supported by Linguistics Engineers that allow clients to actively expand their businesses in to growing Hispanic markets both in the U.S. and internationally.

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