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MS Legislative Black Caucus Meeting on Health.

Covering Mississippi one county at a time with the Humana Mobile Tour
"It will take everyone working together to ensure that all Mississippians have health care coverage and access to care."
           ----Dr. Tanya Scott, Chief Health Officer, LSG

The Affordable Care Act is an important outreach and education process in Mississippi and our nation. We want to extend a special thanks to the Legislative Black Caucus via Senator Kenneth W. Jones, Chairman of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus for coordinating such an important conversation.

In addition, special recognition is extended to Dr. Ricardo Brown, Dean of the Jackson State University College of Public Service for providing the perfect venue in the Jackson Medical Mall for this candid and coherent discourse.

A special communal recognition and thanks to Humana Mississippi's Stacey Carter, Sales Director, Humana Mississippi & Humana consultant Shawn Nason for lunch and the educational engagement. Humana is proving their commitment to community by participating in dialogue and properly investing the time, talents and resources that connect citizens to information through through the "Cover Mississippi" Tour which begins in December.

Last but surely not least, we want to thank Dr. Pamela Roshell, Regional HHS Director District IV and her staff for making the time to be a part of this conversation. Dr. Roshell served as a powerful voice providing coherent language about the federal laws that support the Affordable Care Act and its implementation. Mississippi thanks you and your time. 

Again, we thank all of the members of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus who were able to attend and the Caucus as a whole. Your service to community is indeed appreciated and valued and the information regarding ACA must be taken back to communities so that we can empower people with the proper information. 

As was clearly articulated, we have much work to do and many people to connect with. Let's continue to build the path to educating, engaging and enrolling the citizens of Mississippi.


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