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Innovation and Technology

The CORE Innovations STEM & Digital Learning Mission :

Many communities are often out of the loop when it comes to accessibility of resources that can improve educational options that lead to career and entrepreneurial triumphs rather than defeats. The digital divide has been a conversation we've had in America for almost 20 years! The leadership at LSG know this too well. The question is what are we willing to do?

Inspired by a Presidential initiative to Educate to Innovate campaign and the national implementation of  the COMMON CORE standards of public education in America, CORE INNOVATIONS serves as an important tool in the STEM and digital learning equation that serves minority and underserved communities in the southern region of America and internationally.


CORE INNOVATIONS is is a federally approved 501 c3 that creates partnerships with school districts, higher education and community organizations in an effort to enhance access to high quality programs and initiatives that improves the platform of promotion of STEM education and digital learning.         

The CORE Innovations STEM Initiative has three goals:

1. Demystifying what STEM careers are by opening the doors to comprehensive career fields such as healthcare, auto engineering, broad based technology inclusive of video gaming, video production & multimedia entertainment, architecture & graphic design & finance.

2. Introducing STEM based curriculums and field trips that introduces and explores STEM based career opportunities to minority students and underserved communities.

3. Create public/private partnerships that enhance STEM exposure.

4. Create STEM based "talent pools" of educators that support and compliment the STEM educative process.

5. Assist school districts with acclimating to a Wold of Digital Learning and the implementation of digital textbooks.


These steps as well as other strategic pedagogies help to develop critical thinking, collaborative learning, digital literacy and coherent communication.


In order for the United States to maintain the global leadership and competitiveness in science and technology that are critical to achieving national goals, we must invest in research, encourage innovation, and grow a strong and talented science and technology workforce. The role of diversity in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce is vital in keeping America innovative and competitive. The U.S. labor market is projected to grow faster in science and engineering than in any other sector in the coming years, making minority participation in STEM education at all levels a national priority.


The challenges the nation currently faces in developing a strong and diverse workforce lie squarely on the basis of limited resources in minority and underserved communities and apathy. Although minorities are the fastest growing segment of the population, they are clearly underrepresented in the fields of math, science, technology and engineering. Historically, there has been a strong connection between increasing educational attainment in the United States and the growth in and global leadership of the economy CORE INNOVATIONS suggests that that through collaborative partnerships with the K-12 school districts, the federal government, industry, and post-secondary we can indeed increase minority access to and demand for post-secondary STEM education and technical training.


CORE INNOVATIONS STEM and  the Digital Learning platform can reignite the passion for learning among young people and transform the images associated with the 2006 TIME magazine article "DROP OUT NATION"  to a new caption that reads EMPOWERED TO PROSPER!

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