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The Connected Health Economy


At LeMont Scott Group we fully believe that the way to move people from avenues of "hope" to "change" and "inspiration" to "implementation" is to ensure cities, towns, tribes, organizations and communities establish aggressive and robust strategic health care economic development plans that maximize all currently available and new resources while establishing new infrastructures for how today’s patients are engaged and interact with their care providers.  Learn more about how you can connect at


Mississippi Rural and Primary Heath hospitals and clinics can achieve success in the Mississippi health care market understanding that the real potential for achievement lies in creating fundamental change in how patients access their services and networks for care, creating coherent and realistic billing and collection strategies while possessing organizational capabilities in the clinics to cohesively initiate and manage effective operations for targeted goals.

Rural and Primary Health Care


As transformational strategy partners with  hospitals and clinics in the areas of financial operations, information and innovation management, practice and access management, our role is to assist in the creation and implementation of a comprehensive organizational economic business strategy developed together with key executive hospital and clinic leaders then incorporate renewed accountability and expectations through the building and transformation of the hospital or clinic infrastructure. The LSG practice strategy is ideal for program and project creation, leadership and client training, and creating a sustainable health system throughout the state.

Key Client Centered Impact Points

Meaningful Use Attestation, Implementation and Maintenance

Transformational Interim Nurse Leadership

Provider Practice Management

Financial Accountability

Billing and Coding

Medicaid/Medicare Reimbursement

Information Management/Technology

Innovation Implementation

Process Re-design and Workflow Analysis

Rural Health System Management

Critical Access Health Management

Staffing Productivity

Emergency Management

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance



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Chief Health & Security Officer

Healthcare Strategy Division



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