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Governor Speaks Strategy at the Health Care Economic Summit

Mississippi is pioneering new strategies in developing its health care economy, Gov. Phil Bryant shared with more than 700 people who attended the Governor’s Health Care Economic Development Summit on August 15.  


This aggressive and robust strategy is going to be an unprecedented approach to transforming the competitive landscape across the health care industry and developing strategic initatives focused on creating a healthier, more well prepared workforce capable of attracting business and industry to the state.


At the LeMont Scott group, we take pride in connecting industry, people and resources. Our partnerships with firms across the country allows us to have access at both the state and federal levels when pursuing funding options for municipalities, school districts and public/private organizations.

The keys to success in the 21st century economy are human capital and relationships. The Governor's Healthcare Economic Development Summit was a way for the LeMont Scott Group to show our support for this economic development model and to develop relationships with people who understand that the time is now to create a progreesive economic development agenda and healthcare and education are the two main factors for economic development success!


Read more about the Health Care Blueprint for Mississippi Economics. 


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