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The Green Economy

The green global economy is continuing to grow at an

exponential pace and Lemont Scott Group partners are

committed to creating a green economic development strategy

that consistently meets the changing forces inside of national,

state and local markets and maintains a sustainable economy.


LeMont Scott Group eco-business partnerships are focused on

synergy, energy and vision. We identify ideal candidates that

will work comprehensively within our team to provide the optimal

green economic impact for our national and international clients.


Building Pathways out of Poverty and establishing an infrastructure for

green urban renewal and inclusion for everyone.


It is time to get organized, energized and focused on

serving our communities through leadership and action!


LeMont Scott Group is committed to working within your

neighborhoods with your staff to implement a successful

green recovery and reinvestment plan that stimulates the

economy, creates jobs and revitalizes the spirit of



A community based planning process that incorporates

local government, institutions of higher learning and on

the job training.

Southern Bamboo of Mississippi

Cultivating natural bamboo grown in the state and exporting it all around the country.  A perfect example of the Mississippi Creative Economy at work.

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