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Appropriations/State & Local Affairs

LSG Areas of Practice

Government decisions at all levels and across the world’s political capitals impact the bottom line of every economic sector and business. Legal and regulatory actions by governments create the need for multinational corporations, business associations and non-profit organizations to help shape public policies by educating decision-makers in a transparent and timely manner.


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Healthcare & Education

What are the two most pressing issues that impact a nation? At LSG, we say healthcare and education. From Capitol Hill To local municipalities we engage in a bipartisian approach to getting the job done. Our focus on healthcare and S.T.E.M. based education targets the implementation of deliverable action plans that positively impact and transform hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and schools throughout the nation utilizing strategic partnerships and in many instances  direct onsite expert management and leadership.


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Innovation & Technology

Creative economic communities require resilient and creative minds! LSG aligns with health oriented, faith based, research, private and educational institutions in order to provide tangible resources and products from digital textbooks and expanding current IT infrastructures to weaving technology into the comprehensive learning and service oriented criteria of any community. At LSG, we realize that many communities have been marginalized and require higher levels of focus and priority.

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Entertainment & Media

At LSG we operate on a platform of synergy, energy and vision.  LSG cultivates ideas that enhance the profiles of companies and organizations. Media should inform and events should evoke a visceral emotion that creates consumer loyalty thus serving as advocates for the purpose or brand. Our commitment at LSG is stellar, when we embrace a mission we become it and at the end of the day, that produces results.

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Green Energy & Sustainability

The Green movement is the new industrial revolution and LSG has been on the frontline since its indoctrination into the American economy. By creating "Green" communities we not only create environmentally efficient communities but we create jobs as well.


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