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At LSG we operate on a platform of synergy, energy and vision!


LSG cultivates ideas that enhance the profiles of companies and organizations. Media should inform and events should evoke a visceral emotion that creates consumer loyalty thus serving as advocates for the purpose or brand.             


Our commitment at LSG is stellar, when we embrace a mission we become it and at the end of the day, that produces results!

From video documentaries to media driven events to celebrity oriented entertainment campaigns LSG understands that people are visual and indeed "Seeing is believing."


"The unique blend of music and culture in a particular community and how those communities use that as a part of their economic plan of action." ---- LSG PR & Media Group

Client Services

Foundation Management

       Administrative Management

       Board Management

       Financial Management

       Partner Management


Operations Management

       Product Design & Development

       Sponsorship Management

       Process Flow Design


Event Management

       Artist and Musician Acquisition

       Production and Crew Acquisition

       Show Design and Development

       Legal Contracts and Terms

       International Tours


Human Resource Management

       Volunteer Services

        Staff Identification

        Security Management

Financial Management

       Budget Planning

       Capital Acquisition


       Grants and Endowments


Marketing and Media Management

       Branding Campaign Development

       Merchandising and Distribution Management

       Press Release Design


Social Media Management

       Website Development

       Analytical Evaluation

       Product Placement





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