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The educational division of LSG allows us to partner with students, educators, school districts and IT departments in secondary and higher education in order to introduce innovative concepts of learning that bridge digital divides.


Our alliances with the U.S. Army and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers allow LSG to serve as advocates for (S.T.E.M.) Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics based education pedagogies that speak to the need of many employers of the 21st century economy. 80% of all new jobs require that students have a strong S.T.E.M. acumen and LSG can connect the dots!

International Education Partners

LSG continuously identifies opportunities for synergy.  Ethiopia remains a strong partner in education and the facilitation of cultural exchange is just one of the few ways LSG makes strategy connections.


Although hip-hop may most frequently be viewed as a dynamic entertainment platform, global hip-hop culture is a powerful force in education, and has emerged as a distinct pedagogy.


In the United States, more than 175 courses in hip-hop studies are offered at college and universities, and the use of this pedagogy in instruction at the K-12 level has been shown to produce greater student engagement and achievement.  LSG emabraces alternative learning styles and works through dynamic and unique partnerships to establish new and exciting modalities for young minds all across the world.

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