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"The greatest benefit of synergy is born in the diversity of perspectives."

LSG Spotlight

S.T.E.M. Education Programs

The Institute of Health Careers is a charter school initiative that serves as a collaborative platform for students at grade   levels 9-12, educators, health professionals and higher education and the private sector healthcare professionals.

The vision for IHC is to develop and administer a sophisticated health care studies preparatory program designed to adhere to a S.T.E.M. based learning and career building paradigm in Mississippi that meets the needs outlined in the   Mississippi Economic Council's economic development guide for Mississippi entitled BLUEPRINT MISSISSIPPI.   By introducing a proactive educational platform that embraces students early, students will be better prepared to acclimate to the courses of study required in the various health related clinical and business fields.

Preparing students through a comprehensive STEM approach partnered with a robust leadership and disciplinary infrastructure ensures that students are truly prepared for the healthcare economy at every level.  Whether it is care delivery, health IT, healthcare research or entrepreneurship and supply chain management, students will have the access and learn to speak the language long before they enter an institution of high learning. This is a priority given Mississippi's adamant focus on healthcare as an economic driver. The four major areas for the healthcare report revolve around these significant actions: Workforce Development, Quality of Life, Business Sustainability and the Creation of Economic Wealth none of which are applicable without education.   


The proposed program is designed to graduate high school students with an Advanced Health Care Studies Diploma.  This diploma would prepare students to enter the collegiate world with an academic infrastructure geared towards careers in the various health related fields including health delivery organizations, medical offices, long-term care facilities, insurance or payer organizations, medical product companies and government agencies. The program will also  prepare those high school graduates who wish to pursue future post-graduate studies in fields such as health care services (medical, dental, nursing,  pharmacy) and health care administration.

The proposed charter health care studies high school program prepares students for positions within the public or private sector and for continuing education in graduate health care programs.  Through relationships and partnerships with various universities and colleges around the state, this high school alternative education program mandates a strict well  designed curriculum that critically weaves the fundamentals of an advanced STEM program with the underlying nuances of global thinking inside of a global health care industry.  This dynamic program is centered on advancements in patient care and treatment and creates a foundation for visionary thinking in the field that surpasses typical programs where students are not confident in their career courses.


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